OC Public Auto Auction

Auction Overview

Activity at the OC Public Auto Auction takes place well before the sale day, starting with receiving consignments of vehicles from various sellers, including dealers, banks, rental car companies and other commercial businesses and government agencies. These activities are all coordinated between the seller or their representatives and the auction staff as part of the Pre-Sale Activities. On sale day, hundreds of cars will be processed and sold at the auction. Once the sale of a car is agreed upon, there are a number of activities for the auction to facilitate to complete the transaction, and a number of services which are offered by the auction operation to assist in enhancing the exchange as part of the Post-Sale Activities.

How the Auction Works
Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Getting Started

Register. Participation at the OC Public Auto Auction is free. A valid US driver's license is required to ensure that bidders accept responsibility for their bidding activity. All registered bidders are subject to billing address verification. No P.O. Box address will be accepted.

Eligibility of Bidders. Bidders must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid U.S driver's license. Auction participants are required to register prior to each auction. Just bring a photo ID to register and receive your bidder number

Inspection. Familiarize yourself with all the vehicles you are seeking. Bidders are invited, and urged to inspect the vehicles prior to bidding. The Auction highly recommends buyers check out their prospective vehicles. Also, be prepared to bid on several alternatives in case your first choice is purchased by someone else. Bidders must contact an auction representative with any questions or concerns prior to bidding. The inspection period is 3 hours prior to the beginning of the auction.

2. Bidding

Review the Auction Catalog. The Auction will distribute a catalog of the vehicles available for purchase on the day of the sale. The Auction catalog lists each vehicle with its make, model and year.

Mock Auction participation. The OC Public Auto Auction conducts a brief mock auction just prior to the actual sale. The mock auction will help familiarize you with the process.

Consideration of Bid. Bidding is easy and exciting.  Each car is driven up the lane individually to the auction block in which the auctioneer and representatives are located. The auctioneer will announce each vehicle, and then the vehicles are sold in an open bidding process. It is the policy of the OC Public Auto Auction to monitor bids and other activity.  The entire sale is video taped for your protection. Our auction also include ringmen who assist in spotting bidders and clarifying current bid levels for the participants. the Auction reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Bids can be rejected for any reason.

Oral Statements and Modifications. Any oral statement or representation by any representative of the Orange County Public Auto Auction, changing or supplementing the bid price or contract or any condition thereof, is unauthorized and shall confer no right upon the bidder or purchaser. Further, no interpretation of any provision of the contract, including applicable performance requirements, shall be binding on the Auction unless furnished or agreed to in writing by the Contracting Officer, Auction Manager or a designated representative. All vehicles are sold "As Is - Where Is," meaning there is no implied warranty. An optional extended service contract / warranty may be purchased.

3. Buying

Payment and Delivery. A $850 deposit is required at the time of the sale. You must pay for items awarded to you in full within 24 hours from the time and date of the sale. You must take delivery within 24 hours otherwise a $25.00 per day storage fee will be assessed, unless otherwise specified in the contract. The Auction accepts U.S. currency; bank cashier check; cashier's check issued by Federal or State chartered credit unions; U.S. Postal Service or commercial money order; traveler's checks, MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express. Personal checks and Company checks are not acceptable. For more information please review the Terms and Conditions.

Optional Services. For an additional cost a Extended Service contract may be purchased if the buyer wishes. Portfolioi is the service contract provider.  The Auction has negotiated agreements with these vendors to be able to provide these Optional Services to auction customers at a much lower rate than traditional plans. Additional Fees. All applicable government fees, including sales tax, DMV fees, smog fees, and documentation fee and finance charges (if any) will be collected on all vehicles.

Registration and Title to Property: The OC Public Auto Auction makes it easy for you!   The Auction completes all necessary paper work, including hassle free processing of DMV registration, license fees, and transfer forms. Title and Registration will be mailed in 60-90 days directly from the DMV to the purchaser. The Auction will provide all buyers with temporary registration, which is valid for 60-90days. A physical address is needed for DMV licensing and registration.  No P.O BOXES will be accepted.


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